Ross And Phil Talk… The best & Worst of 2022 so far! (to June ’22)

Ross And Phil Talk… Bullet Train, Prey & WFT is up with DC right now? Ross And Phil Talk Movies

On this episode of the podcast we break down our BEST and WORST movies of 2022 so far. We also catch up on our recent movie viewing and address the dumpster fire that is the DCEU.

Hosted by Award winning filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/former filmmaker Phil Hobden.

Discussed: Jurassic World Dominion, Memory, Men, Top Gun Maverick, The Batman, Jackass Forever, Boiling Point, The Northman, Everything Everywhere All At Once, X, Scream, Bisping, Downfall: The Case Against Boeing, Fresh, Morbius, Firestarter, Ambulance, The 355, Blacklight, Nightmare Alley, The Weekend Away,  Licorice Pizza, Kimi, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Black Phone, Pirates, RRR, Con Air, Superman: The Movie, Archive, The Man From Toronto, Never Back Down: Revolt, Unhuman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Flash, Fresh, Moonfall, Thor: Love and Thunder, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, RRR, Darren Shahlavi, Danny Trejo, Ezra Miller,

For more on Ross Boyask search @RossBoyask on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Also check out @EvoFilmsUK online.

For more on Phil Hobden check out to follow me on Letterboxd or check out PhilQuickReview on Twitter. 

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